What do you think the LSST observing strategy should be?

This workshop is the second one in a series of LSST workshops aimed at engaging the community interested in LSST to help optimize its observing strategy. There will be several more such "cadence workshops" prior to first light, and the science-based optimization of the survey strategy is likely to continue into at least the commissioning phase.

Workshop Goals:

1) Engage a broad community in defining more robust and quantitative science drivers for open areas (the coverage of the Galactic Plane, LMC/SMC, south Galactic Pole area, and the Ecliptic plane; modifications of uniform temporal sampling, etc.).

2) Begin the definition and editing of a community white paper about LSST observing strategy and its science-driven optimization.

3) Present a status update on cadence optimization, and report on the analysis of the existing set of about a dozen simulated surveys.

4) Describe tools developed by the LSST Project for assessing the scientific potential of simulated cadences (Metrics Analysis Framework), and provide expert training for those who are willing to adopt the MAF in their research and LSST-related work. There will be pre-workshop activities describing and introducing MAF. Participation in these activities, or familiarity with MAF, is not required to attend the workshop.

The target audience for this meeting is everyone willing to contribute to a quantitative definition of the LSST observing strategy through development of specific science programs consistent with the overall LSST mission and the LSST Science Requirements Document. The attendees will include people with MAF experience who want to spend quality time with MAF developers, and work on MAF implementations of science-driven metrics.

Workshop Leaders and Attendees

The SOC for this workshop is Zeljko Ivezic (chair), Debbie Bard, Andy Connolly, Phil Marshall, Tom Matheson, Steve Ridgeway, Lucianne Walkowicz, and Beth Willman. See who's registered for the workshop at this link.


To register for the workshop, please use the form at the LSST Project and Community Meeting page. The deadline is July 24th.